About Terms of Use on “Link”

These Terms of Use are to stipulate terms when you use “Link” (the application, hereafter “Application”) TERA.LLC (hereafter “Company”); use Application upon agreeing to Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Definition)

The definitions for words used in Terms of Use are as follows:

1] Application
The application, “Link”
2] User
All those who will use Application
3] Contents
The general term for the contents provided on Application such as characters, sounds, images, videos, software programs or codes (including those posted)
4] Private Information
The general term for information that can track individuals such as address, name, profession or E-mail
5] Intellectual Properties
What are created through human creative activities such as inventions, ideas, new species of plants, designs, writings (including discoveries and natural laws or phenomena possible to be diverted to industrial uses), trade marks, trade names, other displays for products or services used for business activities, trade secrets, or other technical or trade information useful for business activities
(6] Intellectual Property Rights
Patents, utility model rights, plant breeder's rights, designs, copy rights, trade marks, or other rights stipulated by laws related to Intellectual Properties or rights on interests legally protected

Article 2 (Agreement to Terms of Use)

Article 3 (Change in Terms of Use)

Article 4 (Account Administration)

Article 5 (Exemption from Liability)

Article 6 (Posting Advertisement)

User is deemed to have understood and agreed that any sorts of advertisement may be included in Application and Company or its partners may post any sorts of advertisement. The forms and scopes of advertisement on Application may be changed anytime at Company’s will.

Article 7 (No Assignment of Rights)

Article 8 (Separability)

Even in case any one of the Articles or part of it is judged invalid or inexecutable by Consumer Contract Act or other related laws, the rest of Terms of Use and that of the part judged invalid or inexecutable shall remain completely valid.

Article 9 (How to Contact Company)

Contacts / inquiries by User to Company as to Application shall be sent at Application or the inquiry form Company sets up within the website Company operates or made in other methods Company designates.

Article 10 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The validness, interpretation, and enforcement of Terms of Use shall be based on Japanese laws and interpreted according to them. The official language for Terms of Use shall be Japanese, and any arguments, lawsuits or other disputes between Company and User shall be resolved with Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court according to the amount of the claims as their jurisdiction.

Enforce as of 20th July 2018